A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

My letter to TriMet:

Dear TriMet,

Isn't your goal to get cars off the street?

Actually, before I ask that question, let me give you the back story.

Yesterday (Saturday, April 3rd) my Father and I went to the Car Swap Meet at the Expo Center. Being good environmentally aware citizens we road our bikes. We locked the up off the sidewalk, to a cyclone fence. Then we went in to the Swap Meet.

About thirty minutes after arriving we hear over the P.A. system, "Who ever locked the bikes to the fence near the MAX station, you must move your bikes. TriMet does not like you."

So we rushed back to our bikes to find a TriMet official waiting for us. As we were unlocking our bikes we asked what damage we were doing. To which the official said none, but we can't lock up there. So we ask if we were on the same team, trying to keep cars off the roads, to which the official said if the station had been opened, it would not have been a problem. I also asked where, at that station (or in the general vicinity) people could lock up there bikes. He had no answer for us.

We then moved our bikes.

We were locked up on to the fence by the pump house looking building at the Expo Center Max stop, with the bikes on the road (not track) side, with the bikes on the bark dust about 10 feet from the pavement, and there were no bushes there to walk on or disturb.

But I am left with some nagging questions:
  • What difference does is make if the station is open.
  • What damage, hindrance, difficult, or problem were we creating by locking up to a fence in such a way that it does not impede foot traffic?
  • Is your interest getting cars off of the road? If so, why hinder bicyclists?
  • At this point I am having doubts about you commitment to the effort to get bicycles off the road and suspect your motives might be more self serving. Given that, next time there is a bond measure to, "help TriMet get more cars off the road," how am I or the people I tell this too, supposed to take you seriously when you have made it harder for us to not use our car?

So, TriMet, isn't your goal to get cars off the street?

-Adam Harrison

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