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Apr. 18th, 2004 @ 06:37 pm (no subject)
Beach pictures...

My biggest pet peeve with my own pictures (and more other peoples, but it really pisses me off when I do it); not keeping the camera level. I get in to such a rush to get the picture that I regularly fail to make sure the camera is even. Oh, well, eventually I will get the patience.

Anyway, part of the reason I set up the photo archive was so I could get feed back. Please feel free to comment on and rate the images.
[Note: The rating icons are a bit confusing. The more blue rimmed stars, the better the score. I will endovour to swap those out with something that makes more sense.]
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Date:April 18th, 2004 07:08 pm (UTC)
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you had better weather than we did! SUN SNATCHER!! :D

I really like how #21 came out.. the sunset one.. The other one with the sea foam is a great angle too (#10) but as you said...the lopsided angle throws it off. (too bad...it's otherwise a great shot)
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Date:April 19th, 2004 09:30 am (UTC)
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Thanks! I've fixed #10. Give it another look. It should make a good background. :-)