A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Do you know what tomorrow is? So far Louise, Shae, and Nia had to be reminded. Heather didn't really care but knew, and Amber already has her bong packed (proof that like Blunt Man and Chronic, Amber is one with the force).

(22:27:20) adameros: Ready for tomorrow? :-)
(22:27:42) politikitti: ... which is
(22:27:42) politikitti: ?
(22:27:51) adameros: 4/20!!! :-)
(22:28:00) politikitti: fuck. it is!!
(22:28:07) politikitti: i'm going to buy my first pipe.
(22:28:10) politikitti: tomorrow.
(22:28:15) politikitti: hell yes I am. ;p
(22:28:20) politikitti: i blame YOU. !
(22:28:39) adameros: Thank you! Going to name it after me? ;)
(22:28:50) politikitti: Maybe.
(22:29:23) adameros: Just think of the joke when people suck off of it. ;)
(22:29:33) politikitti: oh god.
(22:29:41) politikitti: that's the worst idea ever.
(22:30:46) adameros: It would be hilarious. ;)
(22:31:26) adameros: With my receeding hair line, the bowl doesn't go empty, it goes bald. ;)
(22:32:20) politikitti: lol
(22:35:03) adameros: Can I quote this conversation? ;)
(22:35:30) politikitti: NEVER. (and by never, I mean, go right ahead.
(22:35:37) politikitti: )

You've heard it here first. A pipe is going to be named after me. And you know all the innuendo that will be coming with it. ;)

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