A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

A aaangyl all organic, hand craft, home made meme.

  1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
  2. When and how did we first meet?
  3. What was your first impression?
  4. Do you still think that way about me now?
  5. What do you think my weakness is?
  6. What makes me happy?
  7. What makes me sad?
  8. What reminds you of me?
  9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
  10. How well do you know me?
  11. When's the last time you saw me?
  12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
  13. Do you think I could kill someone?
  14. Describe me in one word.
  15. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
  16. Do I make you nervous?
  17. Would you let me stay with you if I needed somewhere to go?
  18. Would you be comfortable being alone with me?
  19. Are you going to put this on your livejournal and see what I say about you?
  20. What would you change about me?

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