A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Wireless woes, and router joy.

A co-house dweller bought a new Sony Vaio laptop with wi-fi abilities. To support this, she got a linksys wi-fi router. Which was bad, but ended up okay, as we already have a router and she should have gotten a switch.

All that aside, I got it set up, and it works. Or so I thought. I can ping off net hosts, and do DNS lookups, but I can not telnet or web browse. It seems She has Norton on their, and it's lost it's mind. Not only that, even if I'm logged in as administrator is says I can't uninstall Norton unless I'm logged in as Administrator. WTF?

But, the good news is, I figure out how to get into our regular router/firewall! So I have port forwarding set up for my webserver. Which should be much faster then going through the shh tunnel from work. The down side is comcast changes our IP once every couple weeks.

Dynamic DNS would be cool, but it seems you have to run the client on the host that the IP will be changing on. This is not my case, as the host is behind the firewall with a static IP. So....

I will likely write a script that will connect to a CGI at work and authenicate once a minute. When that happens, if the IP I am connection from has changed, it will update DNS. Unless such a thing already exists and can save me the trouble.

Anyway, if you want to compare speeds, you now can. Normally you would go through an ssh tunnel to my work to reach my site. ubt now you can just go straight the ip for my firewall:

With ssh tunnel:

Without ssh tunnel:

Hopefully it's a little faster.

Once I figure out the dynamic DNS it will likelt be some hostname like adam.ddns.sightworks.net, and it will regularly change the IP the name points at to reflect comcasts mood.

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