A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I never knew what a rip-off Michael's art/craft supply store was!!!

As I mentioned Sunday, I went there to get uncut matte board. I exagerated when I said they had none. In fact the had a dozen sheets, one of each color. I needed 3 sheets of white. The lady told me they only have one and it's $13 and some cents a sheet. I thought nothing of the price till I bought some sheets at the P.S.U. book store yesterday.

I was asking one of my bosses, the artist one, and recommended Art Media or the P.S.U. Bookstore. As Art Media was two/three blocks from yestersday visit by Kerry and Dean, therefore lot's of people to annoy me, and I work on the P.S.U. campus, three blocks from the book store, I took the obvious choice. It was great! A wide selection. A 10% student discount. And three full sheets cost me a grand total of $14 and some cents.

Michaels, over $13 a sheet. PSU under $5 a sheet.

I think I know where I will be shopping in the future.

Plus, Michaels staff is old bitter women. PSU staff is cute 20-somethings who are actually eager to discuss and help you with your project. The icing on the cake.

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