A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

For those of you of the geekish persuation...

I have an NFS question. I'm trying to set up a completely self redundant network. Two file servers, two mail/dns servers, two database servers, and two webservers.

I have DSN something like this: router web mail db fs web1 web2 mail1 mail2 db1 db2 fs1 fs2

The host names with numbers are the real names/ips assosiated with the ehternet interface. Addresses 2-5 are virtual. But virtual, I have s cript that gives the corrospnding virtual ip to server if it can't ping that address but can ping the router.

The script works great, but one of the services isn't working with it. That is NFS. If fs1 has the virtual IP and the drives are mounted, but then fs1 goes down and fs1 takes the address, the nfs clients can not access the shared drive.

Is there some way to make NFS a little more stateless? As the other servers are actively using stuff on the drive umounting and remounting quickly doesn't seem to be an option, plus it was be hard to know when to do that (I could grep dmesg, but it doesn't date stamp and could lead to confusion), and using cron you unmount and remount ever five minutes sounds like a recipe for disaster.

I suppose one option is to chnge the mount point to an sympic link to the nfs mount, and then mount both servers, and if the server the link is currently pointing at goes down, have a script point it to the other server.

Once I get that down, it will just leave finishing up XAMS and I'm done with the project.

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