A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

So you say you want to be cool like me?

Well... Actually you said you wanted a restrainning order on me, but before it goes into effect you want ot know some of the place I go to for funny/weird/gross stuff.

But I can ready between the lines, you really just want to be cool like me. So, to this end he are a few good places to rip of other peoples genius for your own social standing:

  • Cruel.com: The maintainer manages to pick the most boring links for the Cruel link of the day, but if you look through the links in the forum on the left there is some good material.
  • bad_porn_2: Just the right amount of raunchiness to make even the most jaded of your friends squirm.
  • jameth: Sort of thepersonified Seattle version of bad_porn_2. And he says, "OMG". He says it a lot. No. Really. Like every other word, or something. In fact he say OMG more often than I have grammar/spelling errors.
  • randompictures: For some... ummm... interesting pictures.

Those links should get you started on the path to greatness. And remember, you haven't maximized how much fun you can have unless you risk ending up in an mexican jail afterwards.

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