A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I wish I could photograph people. Maybe I just need practice, who I suspect it is a mind set issue. Like goldfischegirl, (when she was still shooting) synapsepi, and when she borrowed my camera perpetualfog was amazing.

I think I'm pretty good at landscapes, architecture, basicly anything non-human. They seem to be able to capture the emotion and personality of a person. That and I always feel funny photographing people. Especially people I don't feel I have a close bond with. I feel very intrusive. I have never been good at street photography for this reason.

I buy books on portraiture and the like, but they tend to be technical. I need advice, instruction, help on attainning the right mind set for photographing people. My lack of progress in this area is really starting to irritate me. Any suggestions?

Since I'm on a photo thread... Another thing that I am noticing, and this concerns Burning Man, and specifically Gigsville, is how Gigsville is very anti-cameras. I agree with the feeling that when you are taking pictures you are a spectator, not a participant, and I love the idea of Gigsville being a media free zone. But I find my memmories, which I highly value, of the events are fading. More and more I wish we had closed off Gigsville for a bit, and took pictures for an organized group year book. Something like your High School Yearbook, where people could volunteer to have them, their art, and some of the events photographed. The pictures would be put online in a private fashion like Splat does. People could ask to have images removed. And then the remaining best pictures could be compiled, and printed out for people to buy just like the gigcards, and the following year they could take the books around to have signed (or burned, or laughed at, or pissed on, orcut up to make decopages(sp?), painted over, wallpapered on the Skynyrd Shack, etc). Maybe it's a bad idea, but I really want to think of good ways to preserve the memories and good times. Making new memories are good, but you can never replace the old.

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