A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I just a had a flash of genius!

Thinking of my photo/burning man post yesterday concerning Burning Man and pictures, combined with thoughts of nobodobodon's "Info Boob" and synapsepi's mentionning Super Snail's photo booth, I had idea for and art installation when I manage to go back.

Nobo had the great idea to have a mermaid painted with the boob section cut out. Then people would come up, pput their chest out the hole and get their picture taken. I still don't think I've seen the pictures, but it was fun to watch. There is even one of my man-boobs occupying the hole in the mermaid.

Super Snail has a photobooth he set's up, where people go in, act weird, and get their photo taken.

My idea is closer to Nobo's, I think...

I would mount three or four slightly concave mirrors on a pole, with the pole being verticle and having it so the mirrors use the pole as a pivot. Then you could have two to how ever many mirrors I have (3 or 4) people stand around the mirrors, facing them. You align the mirrors so you can see part of each person, and take a picture. You know those boxes we had as kids, where the first section showed the feet, then the legs, then the torso, and finally the head, and you could twist sections to create different people? Same idea, but using mirrors and real people.

The hardest part would the the properly concave glass. I would have to make a concave surfe out of clay, fire it. Then put flat glass on that, and put it in a kiln, so the glass would soften and form to the clay. Finally have the glass silvered, so it becomes a mirror. At least I guess that would be the prossess. Maybe just getting the cheep fullelngth mirrors at target, as those are made out of flexible plexi-glass, and glue it to a wood mold and hope the heat of the playa doesn't undo the glue.

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