A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Photo trip plan attempt #234509.

I've brought this up in the past and people said they wanted to go, but when it came time to picking a place, date, etc everyone was strangle quiet. But I'll give this another go...

As I know most of you, like me, are on a very tight budget. And I know a lot of you enjoy the out of doors. Who wanted to go camping?

The origin of this idea was a discussion on how I missed going on mthe annual deer hunting trip, but how I also have no desire to shoot a deer. The idea popped up that a photo hunting trip would be fun.

Head out to th woods Friday afternoon, set up camp. Get up Saturday morning and "hunt". Relax mid day. "Hunt" some more in the late afternoon. And then hang out around camp. Go to sleep. Get up, mabe "hunt". Relax. Break camp in the afternoon and head home.

Scheduling is easy for me, as I don't work weekends. So it falls on those other people who would like to go to pick/workout a date. We also need a location. For things like deer, the open spaces of Eastern Oregon and Washingtom seem to work best, but if we're not to picky, any ol' place in the wilds will do. It was also suggested that we could rent an old Forest Service firelook out. Some of which even have toilets! We could camp outside, and use th look out as a the common room.

Anyway, I was hoping a few PDXer's and some of the Seattle Crue would want to take part.

I have a pick-up with 4x4, a propane cooking set and a few other odds and ends. That means many of the communal things are taken care of and that I have a little room to spare to haul other peoples stuff up.

Anyway... If you would like to go, let me know when you can/cannot go. Where you are. How far you are willing to travel. Suggestions for sites. And what ever else you think is relevent.

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